In Memory Of...


In September of 2014, PE-Services lost a visionary, a creative entrepreneur and a wonderful human being. Those of us who have been fortunate enough to know and work with Trent have lost a dear friend.


Trent was not only a dedicated business man; he did everything he could to share God’s love with everyone he came in contact with. Trent spent weeks and months in Africa building clinics to help foster healthier lives in a land forgotten.  He used his talents to build a playground in Jamaica for children who needed a place to realize what it was like to play like the “fortunate” children.  He poured over plans to help rebuild a church once destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. He contributed money to buy a vehicle to jump start a feeding program in Israel to nourish the hungry and he opened his own home to countless young athletes in a simple gesture of love. He lived a full life and had a great deal of passion for many things. More than anything else, he wanted to be a witness and hoped through his life as many people as possible would see and accept the light of Christ.


Knowing that it was important to build a company structure that could survive even in his absence, Trent worked tirelessly at putting together a leadership team that would be able to honor his memory by continuing to operate PE-Services. His trust in the current leadership team allowed him to remove himself from the day-to-day operations and serve at CEO and Board level over the past several years. While Trent’s leadership and guidance will certainly be missed, PE-Services will continue to serve our clients and the communities we touch in a way that is a reflection of our founder’s beliefs and Christian values. 


Trent Beighle

Words from the PE-Services team:

In Memory

"Trent was a great person that has accomplished so much! He is a great inspiration to all that is willing to grab life by the horns and get things done. For the 5 years I’ve known him, that’s exactly what he did day after day. It’s also very evident in the legacy he’s left."


"Trent was an amazing, passionate, supportive, Godly man who set a great example of what it means to help others and offer opportunities for overall life improvement for all his employees."


"My time with Trent was short, but I could already tell that he was a kind and energetic man with vision and a love for others."


"I actually never got the opportunity to meet Trent Beighle but from what I’ve heard, he was a well-respected man with a huge heart and lots to give.  Even though I never met Trent, I did have much respect for him and all the things that he has done for the company, inside and out.  Although Trent is no longer with us, he will always be remembered here at PE Services and his legacy will live on and strive for bigger and better opportunities."