Our Services

PE-Services' goal is to provide grounded, interactive guidance to our clients.

We team with our clients to proactively provide unique yet practical MEP design solutions.

The following is a list of what PE-Services offers:



  • Heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems design

  • HVAC energy calculations for model energy codes

  • HVAC construction cost estimation

  • Construction documents for various mechanical systems

  • Split systems: Air-handling equipment and condensers

  • Rooftop package systems

  • Chilled and hot water piping and pumping schemes

  • Geothermal systems

  • Water source systems: heat pumps and heat rejection

  • Building automation systems and energy monitoring

  • Ventilation systems

  • Control systems design



  • Building electrical service entry and power distribution

  • Emergency/standby power generation and UPS

  • Branch circuit power distribution

  • Fire alarm systems

  • Prototype power and service system design

  • Lighting systems design

  • Exterior site lighting foot-candle photo-metrics

  • Lighting power distribution

  • High-efficiency lighting design application with daylight harvesting

  • Digital automated lighting controls

  • Energy calculations for all model energy codes

  • Optimization and maximization of code lighting allowances



  • Building storm drainage systems

  • Waste and vent piping systems

  • Domestic water systems

  • Kitchen facility plumbing, including grease waste interceptor design

  • Natural gas and propane piping systems

Low Voltage
  • Telecom/Data Space Planning & Distribution

  • Emergency/Nurse Call Systems

  • PlanningSecurity Systems Design (inclusive ofCCTV/Surveillance/ControlledAccess/Elopement)

  • Sound/Public Address SystemsDesign